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I'm sorry you can't see yourself, he says, you're so hot under me. You feel so good, but now its your turn for a gift. He slips around her, pushing her shoulders flat. She smells the heavy scent that clings to him whenever they tangle, the sweat and the heat mixing into an intoxicating perfume that makes her smile and shiver as she remembers feeling him on top of her body. She feels him slips lower, lower than expected, and she shifts, trying to pull him up, back on top of her. His hot skin feels electric on hers as he moves. She feels the prickle of his stubble brush her smooth legs. No, he says, stay like that, you're mine. She shivers as his wandering lips tickle her, making her nervous. He's coming closer than he ever has to her, closer than anyone ever had. She's worried, her thoughts darting from anxiety to guilt to curiosity and back. She feels his strong hands, callused from activity and softened by time and care, grip her legs and slowly ease them apart as he settles. She feels his hot breath on her and she shivers again. What are—but she can't get the words out, as his mouth finds her clit, licking through the tight folds of her sex. Her mind explodes as his tongue cups her, pushes her into her, eats her out and fucks her and oh god what are you no don't stop keep going what are KEEP GOING.
Written December 24, 2013, for BarberdWireRose.

I don't use all caps much, not since the Meme Wars of the early 2000s. But in times like this,  it feels good to break them out.
Moon-Crafter Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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December 29, 2013
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